FixtureNet III

Inspired and sponsored by Prof. Ken Goldberg at UC Berkeley.

Welcome to FixtureNet III, which uses a Java applet for two-dimensional (2D) fixture synthesis. You can read about fixtures and fixture synthesis at the original FixtureNet site.

FixtureNet III uses a Java applet named Fixture2D.class which works with 16 other classes to allow the user to draw a 2D part (a polygon) and several optional stay-out zones (where the user doesn't want fixels placed), and then generates a complete set of modular fixtures for the part. The modular fixture elements are called "fixels." Fixels are divided into two types: locators which occupy discrete locations, and clamps, which have a continuous dimension. FixtureNet III is based on the Brost-Goldberg fixture synthesis algorithm and uses three locators and one clamp.

For best results with FixtureNet III you should use a computer system with 1024 x 768 (or better) pixel resolution with at least 256 colors. Lesser systems can still use FixtureNet III, but you may have to do some scrolling to see it all.


The Fixture2D applet is fully documented, with a class diagram and class descriptions. The applet classes are divided into a class for the graphical user interface (GUI), and a class for the synthesis engine. The synthesis engine may be called from other Java programs. The compiled classes occupy less than 50 kilobytes, so the applet takes less time to download than many of the images commonly published on Web home pages. Complete source code for this applet is available. Just send me e-mail (see the bottom of this page) and I will tell you how to get it. Source code is available for academic research and educational purposes only.

Fixture2D Applet

Warning: The buggy Microsoft Internet Explorer (MIE) will always return zero fixtures for this applet. Please use Netscape for correct results. If you should get a newer version of MIE to function properly, please let me know and I will modify this warning.

You need a Java-enabled browser to see the applet. 

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