FixtureNet Credits

Rick Wagner : Interface Design, Fixture Synthesis, Java Applets (Version 1.0), Applet Synthesis Engine (Version 3.0)
Giuseppe Castanotto : Interface Design (Version 1.0)
Steven Gentner : CGI Programming (Version 1.0)
Yan Zhuang : Conformal Part Design Applet (Version 2.0)
Charles Anderson : Force Visualization Applet (Version 2.0)
Jun Shu : Current Administrator
Randy Brost : Algorithm Design
Prof. Ken Goldberg : Algorithm Design, Project Advisor

This work was supported by the National Science Foundation under Awards IRI-9123747, IRI-9612491, and DDM-9215362 (Strategic Manufacturing Initiative), and Presidential Faculty Fellow Award IRI-9553197. Modular Fixturing hardware was provided by Qu-Co, Inc. Rick Wager, Giuseppe Castanotto, and Steven Gentner worked at USC Computer Science Department. Yan Zhuang is at UC Berkeley Computer Science Department. Charles Anderson, Jun Shu and Ken Goldberg are at UC Berkeley Industrial Engineering and Operations Research Department. Randy Brost performed this work while at Sandia National Laboratories; he is now at Eastman Kodak Company.