Ken Goldberg Concept and Direction
Randall Packer Sound Composition and Design
Gregory Kuhn Physical and Acoustical Design
Wojciech Matusik Internet and Display Software
Thanks to:

Berkeley Seismographic Lab
(Lind Gee, Doug Neuhouser, Barbara Romanowicz): Live seismic data feed
NTT InterCommunication Center: Support for Version 1.0
Meyer Sound Laboratories: Sound System
CNMAT, UC Berkeley: Software Support
Pamela Beitz: Builder
Sarah Hahn and Florian Brody: Early Discussions
Zakros InterArts: Production
Steve Dietz: Curation

The visual online interface was created by Ken Goldberg and Wojciech Matusik in 1998 and exhibited as Memento Mori.
Mori, the immersive sound installation, is a collaboration first exhibited at the 1999 ICC Biennale in Tokyo.
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