an Internet-based earthwork

Ken Goldberg, Randall Packer, Wojciech Matusik and Gregory Kuhn
Berkeley, California, USA

``All flesh is grass.'' -- Isaiah (40:6)

In Mori, the immediacy of the telematic embrace between earth and visitor questions the authenticity of mediated experience in the context of chance, human fragility, and geological endurance.

Mori engages the earth as a living medium. Minute movements of the Hayward Fault in California are detected by a seismograph, converted to digital signals, and transmitted continuously via the Internet to the installation. Inside the entry curtain, visitors follow a fiber optic cable to the center of the resonating enclosure, where a portal through the floor frames the installation's focal point. The live seismic data stream drives an embedded visual display and immersive low-frequency sounds, which echo the unpredictable fluctuations of the earth's movement.



Online Interface
Online Interface with Sound
Downloadable Interface with Live-Recorded Piano Sounds


From February 2001 - March 2003, Mori will be exhibited in Telematic Connections - The Virtual Embrace Curated by Steve Dietz of the Walker Art Center, this ICI show will travel to San Francisco, Pasadena, Austin, and Atlanta.


Zakros InterArts documention of Mori: Exhibition itinerary, video walkthrough and technical diagrams.

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